The Estate of John W. Knight Equipment Auction

Online Auction in Alberta, Canada

6 - 08 6 - 08th June, 2022

The Estate of John W. Knight Equipment Auction

Online Auction in Alberta, Canada

Wednesday at 6:00 PM - 08th June , 2022



Thank-you for submitting your registration request regarding our upcoming auction.

By Accepting the Terms & Conditions of this auction you acknowledge you are entering into a legal and binding contract. PLEASE READ WITH CARE.

Payment is due the day of the sale, or as soon as possible thereafter. A convenience charge for Internet bidders of 3% Internet Premium will be applied to each lot purchased on the Internet with a cap of $750.00 per lot.  No Items will be released/or retrieved until full payment clears our office. Absolutely no exceptions.  For payment questions please call our office toll free at 1-877-556-3655 or email Please contact our office at 403-556-3655 to arrange for wire transfers.  Payments will be sent to Olds Auction Mart 4613 - 54th Street Olds, Alberta, Canada T4H 1E9.

You agree that all sales are final. Upon your becoming the Purchaser of an item, that item shall immediately become your responsibility and be at your risk (whether you have paid for that item or not).  You agree that Rosehill Auction Service Ltd. and its employees are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items and will not reimburse or discount items for any type of loss.  All items are left at your own risk & responsibility.

Important:  You may may call our office at 403-556-3655 upon completion of your online registration and submit your credit card information for us to have on file.

Upon our acceptance of your completed registration, the username (email address) and password you created upon registration will be activated and become your PERMANENT online username (email address) and password which will identify you whenever you place bids using our Online Bidding Services. The username (email address) and password you create will be enabled for you to log on and bid Live Online at all future Rosehill Auction Service Ltd. online auctions.  By acceptance of these terms and conditions you agree to be held financially responsible for any and all purchases made using your username. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to allow or deny access to our Online Bidding Services to any party or to revoke any username (email address) and password at any time.

You are solely responsible for the accuracy of your Bidder Information and you hereby warrant that your Bidder Information is true and accurate. You hereby certify you are of legal age, possess the legal capacity and the financial means to participate in the online auctions.

You acknowledge that Rosehill Auction Service Ltd. and its employees act merely as agents for sellers. No warranties are expressed or implied as to any items being sold and you agree to purchase and accept the item in an as-is condition. We obtain information on items from the sellers and you hereby agree to hold harmless Rosehill Auction Service Ltd. and its employees for any errors or omissions regarding the item(s) being sold. This information includes but is not limited to year, model, machine or engine hours, physical condition, options, features and other data pertinent to the value of the item.  ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD AS-IS WHERE-IS.

You acknowledge that you have the right and responsibility to inspect the item(s) yourself or to have a third party representative inspect the item(s) for you. That by bidding on an item you have agreed to accept that item in it's present condition and with the description provided whether accurate or not.

You agree that by using our Online Bidding Services to bid on a particular item, this is a firm commitment to purchase said item(s) and may not be cancelled or retracted for any reason. You also acknowledge that the Internet may be an unreliable and error prone network, and Rosehill Auction Service Ltd. will not guarantee that bids placed online will always be transmitted to or received by the auctioneer in a timely fashion. You agree to hold Rosehill Auction Service Ltd. harmless for any interruptions in online bidding. Further, the auctioneer has the sole discretion to accept or refuse any bid. Rosehill Auction Service Ltd. retains the right, at our sole discretion, to add, delete or change some or all of our online services and the terms and conditions governing their online auctions at any time without notice.

You agree that the username you are bidding with and that the name registered with that username is the name that is solely responsible for payment and that name will appear on all invoice documentation. Rosehill Auction Service Ltd. will not accept payment from anyone other than that person who has registered and has been approved under that name, username and password and who has bid online with that username.

Every person at the Auction site before, during and after the auction sale shall be deemed to be there at their own risk with notice of the condition of the premises, the activities on the premises, and conduct of the third parties and the Bidder shall advise his agents and employees.



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