Welcome to our newly redesigned website!

I know your first question is "Why fix it if its not broke?"

The simple answer is technology has passed us by. While the site was simple and easy to use on a desktop, Over 40% of users were viewing the site on either a mobile phone or a tablet. This meant that many many people were not able to see clearly or be able to quickly and easily find the information they were looking for.

With so many auction companies posting online catalogs and giving you, the bidder, the opportunity to bid in timed auctions, improvements needed to be made. With thousands of visitors looking for sales every day we knew we had to up our game.

Are the photos ever stunning?

We have done our best to show your local sales directly on our home page when you first arrive so that you can find the sales you want with the minimum amount of clicks. If you are not as happy as we are with the new grid format, you can return to a simpler text list simply by clicking the icon near the top.

As always you can choose to view auctions by location, company, date, or you can search for a specific item.

Let us know how we are doing, and if you don't like anything you see or its not working right, please let me know directly at